Slide Summer is almost here, it’s time to get the beach body ready and get prepared mentally for those high school class reunions. But we all can agree, that exercising sucks, and it’s time to accept our body forms,
move forward and enjoy your free time. If you’ve already read all the self-help
books you can stand, buy my book and read chapter 11 on how to marry well.

I hope you will enjoy my tall tales of being an unknown actor and how I found my way
into the Hollywood meat grinder.

Enjoy your life, and enjoy my book.
BUY NOW "A hilarious and instructive account of the joys,
rigor, and heartbreak involved in trying to succeed in the movie business."

This book has helped me and made me realized that I am on the right track and I need to keep going. Thanks, Larkin for writing this.

Lisa Smith
Lisa SmithNY

A true understanding of being famous and not being as famous as you want... Thanks

Natalie Jackson

When you told me about the book I didn't believe you would really do it. After I read it, I'm glad you did. Congrats on the book release pal

John McGill
John McGillTX
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